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Banned Book Tour – Lt Governor Zuckerman


We are excited to host Lt. Governor David Zuckerman as he travels the state hosting a series of book readings from banned books at local bookstores and libraries. These events will feature special guests who will join the Lt. Governor to discuss with the audience the importance of free speech, inclusion, democracy, and open dialogue.

Around the country, we have seen the proliferation of book challenges and bans by school districts and local governments. These bans often target books that feature LGBTQ+ characters; talk about gender and sexuality; highlight racial disparities; or talk about difficult issues such as substance abuse and cases of police violence. Students, teachers, and curious minds should be able to access materials that spark critical thinking, cover difficult topics, and appeal to diverse interests without fear of government interference.

Recorded 9/20/23  Producer: MCTV

At The Ilsley: All About Coyote Families with Sofia Parker of Protect Our Wildlife


Protect Our Wildlife presents their new family-friendly coyote presentation, called ‘All About Coyote Families!’ This event is suitable for the whole family, including children. Participants learn about coyote families, where they sleep, what they eat and what makes them so special. The presentation will address some of the common myths about coyotes in an effort to help people better understand them and promote coexistence

Recorded 9/7/23
Producer: MCTV

Ilsley 100 Design Competition Public Presentation


Please join us as Gossens Bachman Architects, Vermont Integrated Architecture, and Weimann Lamphere + ReArch present their conceptual designs for a renovated and expanded Ilsley Public Library. Over the past several months, these design teams have been developing conceptual plans as part of a design competition. We have reached the exciting moment where the plans are being unveiled to the public, and community members can ask questions and provide feedback. Community input is critical as the Project Team works to evaluate the designs, and we hope you will attend! Producer: MCTV

Sorting the News from the Chaff


Paradoxically, the Internet has made it both easier and harder to find “truth.” Almost everything we could ever want to know is available online, but how can we tell the good sources from the bad ones, discern fact from assumption, and distinguish “fake news” from the real thing? And how can we effectively communicate with others when discussing or debating public issues in the news? Veteran journalist and educator Mark Timney will explore these questions and share strategies for evaluating news sources in the rapidly changing digital information age. A Vermont Humanities Program.

Recorded 6/21/23
Producer: MCTV

How Nomads Live in Mongolia Today


Sas Carey, who will travel to Mongolia for the twentieth time this summer, will speak on how nomads live in Mongolia today. Having just released a book, Marrying Mongolia, she will show slides and share stories of Mongolia, and a short film, Gobi Children’s Song, which shows a few days in the life of a nomadic family in the Gobi Desert. Sponsored by the Addison County Retired Educators Association.

Producer: MCTV

This Year Get the Upper Hand: Pests and Diseases to Expect in 2023


Ann Hazelrigg has seen it all. Close up. Under a microscope. Vermont gardeners weed samples, garden diseases and insect infestations. It’s all part of her work as director of the University of Vermont Plant Diagnostic Clinic and her experience in the field and in her Williston home gardens. In this seminar she will tell what she saw in 2022, what is coming, what to do about them, and to give gardeners hope. Ann will include updates on spongy moth, beech leaf disease, jumping worms, leek moth and spotted lantern fly, among other invaders!  (Note: This talk was presented at the Flower Show & qualifies for Master Gardener Continuing Ed hours.)  This event is free and open to the public.
Sponsored by Middlebury Garden Club.

Producer: MCTV