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Banned Book Tour – Lt Governor Zuckerman


We are excited to host Lt. Governor David Zuckerman as he travels the state hosting a series of book readings from banned books at local bookstores and libraries. These events will feature special guests who will join the Lt. Governor to discuss with the audience the importance of free speech, inclusion, democracy, and open dialogue.

Around the country, we have seen the proliferation of book challenges and bans by school districts and local governments. These bans often target books that feature LGBTQ+ characters; talk about gender and sexuality; highlight racial disparities; or talk about difficult issues such as substance abuse and cases of police violence. Students, teachers, and curious minds should be able to access materials that spark critical thinking, cover difficult topics, and appeal to diverse interests without fear of government interference.

Recorded 9/20/23  Producer: MCTV

Snapshot Series: When Cultures Collide with Rene Pellerin


Enter the world of the DeafBlind with Rene Pellerin as he recounts stories from his personal experiences as a DeafBlind person living with Usher Syndrome. Rene The Unstoppable uses humor to tell stories of his travels with and without support, frustrations and comic blunders experienced in both the hearing and deaf worlds, and how he’s overcome obstacles along the way. A VT Humanities program.

Recorded 9/13/23
Producer: MCTV

Middlebury Science Café: Preserving the Past with Allison LaCroix of the Sheldon Museum


Middlebury Science Café at the Ilsley Public Library: Science and Museum Collections. As the oldest community-based museum in the nation, the Henry Sheldon Museum is tasked with preserving an important part of Vermont’s past.  The responsibility of managing these collections falls to Collections Manager, Allison LaCroix Hayes, a Middlebury alum and 8th generation Vermonter. She will present about the exciting intersection of history, art, science, and engineering. Learn about the role science plays in properly taking care of museum collections when it comes to combatting “agents of deterioration.” This program is brought to you by and The Center for Community Engagement. The Ilsley Public Library is located at 75 Main Street, Middlebury. For more information visit

Producer: MCTV