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Snapshot Series: South Korean Cinema, aka K-Cinema


What does South Korea’s vibrant cinema have to say about our understanding of society and the human subject? Hyon Joo Yoo will unpack how South Korean cinema, as an aesthetic response to conditions in South Korea and beyond, reflects upon the universal human subject in the era of global capitalism. Hyon Joo Yoo is Associate Professor of Film and Television Studies at the University of Vermont. Her research and teaching areas include East Asian Cinema, Postcolonial Studies, Psychoanalysis, and Gender Studies. Producer: MCTV

Vermicompost: Worms Ate My Food Scraps


Emily Johnston, Public Outreach Coordinator for the Addison County Solid Waste Management District, offers two workshops on composting techniques. “Backyard Composting” offers insight into what makes a compost pile successful, the different types of compost, how to build a pile, and ways to troubleshoot common compost problems. In “Vermicompost: Worms Ate My food Scraps”, learn how to harness worms to create nutrient-rich castings from your food waste.

Producer: MCTV