IPL/VBS First Tuesdays: The Walker, The Driver and Otto – Wayfaring Strangers on a Continental Roundabout by Fran McIntsoh


Don’t miss this chance to hear former local teacher Fran McIntsoh read from and discuss her newly published book The Walker, the Driver, and Otto. It is an absolutely delightful book: equal parts harrowing and heartwarming, beautifully written, and expertly crafted for a pleasant reading experience all around.

You may remember when Don McIntosh, AKA “Mr. Mac,” everyone’s favorite PE teacher, went on his 1987-1988 circumnavigational walk around the continental US. Well, Fran supported him on that walk, in spite of no longer being obligated by marital bonds, as she was, by then, married to David Disque, who owned what was then known as Forth ‘n Goal (now The Middlebury Shop) with Vin Fucile. Though these personal details are not the focus of the book, the history of their triad and the strong family that grew from it does emerge, along with the quiet strength of the woman at its center.


Recorded 7/2/24   

Producer: IPL/VBS MCTV