At The Ilsley: Shadblow, Vermont’s Landscape and Community in a Time of Climate Change

John Elder, Middlebury College Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and of English and American Literature, talks about the native Vermont tree called alternatively shadblow and serviceberry and relates its deep cultural associations to current controversies surrounding climate change and renewable energy. As part of this reading, which is adapted from his recent book Picking Up the Flute, Elder plays on his Irish (wooden) flute an air by Liz Carroll called “Island of Woods.”   This event is sponsored by AAUW.  Recorded 10/15/19 by MCTV.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

Sheldon Museum: Sinners, Prophets, And Seers

The Sheldon Museum presents Sinners, Prophets, and Seers: Moral Reform and the Second Great Awakening, a talk by Professor Bill Hart, Middlebury College. No longer governed by a king, the new republic of the United Sates required its citizens to be virtuous and selfless. However, by the first decade of the 19th century, many Americans experienced personal stress and cultural disorientation.  Westward expansionism, the rise of individualism, northern emancipation, and technological change led many Americans to question their institutions, beliefs, and values.  Many sought to change their personal behaviors and social practices, which gave rise to a series of reform movements. The goal was to perfect the individual, American society, and ultimately the world.

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Producer: Henry Sheldon Museum

At The Ilsley: Meet Bina48, an Advanced Social Robot w/ Bruce Duncan

Meet Bina48, the world’s first advanced humanoid robot based on the “mindfile” information of a real person. Listen to a talk presented by Bruce Duncan, who is responsible for ongoing development of Bina48. Bina48 is designed to be a social being that represents a mix of memories, values, and beliefs from the original Bina along with new experiences gained through interaction with others. Since she “came to life” in 2010, she has been featured in the New York Times Science Section, GQ Magazine, NPR and National Geographic Magazine. This event, sponsored by the Addison County Retired Educators Association. Recorded 10/9/19 by MCTV.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

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