Skateboard Science at the Mary Hogan School

Two skaters show off tricks and entertain as they teach about the physics of skateboarding: how helmets distribute the forces of an impact like a bed of nails distributes the weight of a person, how your center of gravity moves as you do, and how objects in motion tend to stay in motion until acted on by another force. Several kids got to volunteer, and one brave staff member even let a skater ollie over him! Recorded by Middlebury Community Television 10/18/16.

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Producer: MCTV

Middlebury Five-O: Humanizing the Criminal Justice System

A panel of key figures within the criminal justice system talk about what they do and how the system functions, using the mock detention of a member of Middlebury’s Selectboard to illustrate what an arrest and the subsequent court process might look like – and then answering questions about race, implicit bias, mass incarceration and a host of other topics, both esoteric and pragmatic. Chief Thomas Hanley of the Middlebury Police Department; Addison County State’s Attorney, David Fenster; Addison Superior Court Judge, the Honorable Samuel Hoar; and Jon Kidde, representing restorative justice, all address these tremendously complex, challenging and frequently controversial issues with insight and candor. An informative show dedicated to the goal of fostering engagement, transparency and trust between public servants and the public they serve. Recorded 10/17/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

Donald and Hillary: Who Will Win the 2016 Election?

Middlebury College Political Science Professor Matt Dickinson draws on his experiences following the presidential candidates to explain how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton became their party nominees, and looks ahead to the general election to predict who will be our next president – and why.

Sponsored by the Addison County Retired Teachers Association.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

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