Being There: Photographs by James P. Blair

For more than thirty-five years, Jim Blair was one of the people who millions of National Geographic readers counted on each month to give them a sense of the greater world. Through a selection of Jim’s best images the museum’s current exhibition, Being There: Photographs by James P. Blair, documents the breadth of his career and provides a sense of his dexterity, determination, and breadth of vision. Recorded 6/21/19 at the Middlebury College Museum of Art.

Producer: MCTV

Growing Bright Futures: Jeffrey Heath, RN and Gillian MacKinnon, RD

Host Cheryl Mitchell speaks with Jeffrey Heath, RN and Gillian MacKinnon, RD about the WIC program. Growing Bright Futures is a joint production of Treleven, Building Bright Futures, Let’s Grow Kids, and Middlebury Community Television. Recorded 6/17/19.To learn more about Building Bright Futures: 

Producer: Cheryl Mitchell & Darla Senecalv

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