Pedaling Through History: Gallery Talk with Glenn Eames

Glenn Eames provides a guided tour of his collection at the Henry Sheldon Museum, an exhibit which recently closed. Bicycle posters, historic bicycling photographs, antique bicycle signs, and a small library of bicycle-related books entertained the visitors. Included in the exhibit were an 1895 Vermont map highlighting bicycle routes lent by Vermont Bicycle Tour founder and former owner John Freidin.

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Producer: Henry Sheldon Museum

ACORN Candidate Forum 10/19/16

Come Talk Food and Farm Policy at the Addison Country Candidates Forum. This forum brings together farmers, local food producers and consumers from across Addison County with 15 candidates from their districts running for elected office in November. The gathering is a listening opportunity for candidates to better understand the issues facing their constituents in one of Addison County’s most dynamic economic sectors. Hosted by ACORN, Tandem and Middlebury College. Filmed by Middlebury Community Television 10/19/16.

Producer: Jonathan Corcoran

Skateboard Science at the Mary Hogan School

Two skaters show off tricks and entertain as they teach about the physics of skateboarding: how helmets distribute the forces of an impact like a bed of nails distributes the weight of a person, how your center of gravity moves as you do, and how objects in motion tend to stay in motion until acted on by another force. Several kids got to volunteer, and one brave staff member even let a skater ollie over him! Recorded by Middlebury Community Television 10/18/16.

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Producer: MCTV

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