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First Wednesday: “The Sound of Music: Diamond Jubilee” with Robert Wyatt

In 1959, Broadway’s Lunt-Fontanne Theatre premiered a musical on an unlikely topic: an Austrian family who had become famous for escaping Nazi Germany.  The Sound of Music went on to win five Tony Awards, along with five Academy Awards in its film adaptation.  Pianist and scholar Robert Wyatt discusses the history of the musical as well as the audience’s reaction, then and now. Recorded 1/8/20.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

Tales of a Horse Jockey

At age 20, David Allan Rose made a decision to become a professional horse jockey. There were a few issues: he had never ridden a horse in his life, he weighed too much and was too tall. He was getting started about 10 years too late and had no horse racing connections. However, when you are committed to a dream you can’t let the small stuff hold you back. David did accomplish his goal and shares his story with us. Filmed by Chris Kirby for Ilsley Public Library and Middlebury Community Television 3/17/16.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

Deborah Felmeth Book Talk: Syria, Remember Me

Deborah Felmeth shares stories of Syria and discusses her recent book entitled Syria–Remember Me. She found her way to Damascus in 1991 and fell in love with Syria: its hills, its deserts, its cities and villages, and above all its people and their culture. She never really left. Since 1996 and up until the upheavals, insanities, terrible heartbreaks and deep tragedies of recent events there, she and her husband divided their time equally between a beloved apartment above Straight Street in the Old City of Damascus and their equally well-loved home in Vermont. Recorded 1/20/16.

Producer: MCTV