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The Story Matters: Jack Mayer

Len Rowell interviews Dr. Jack Mayer, physician and writer. Through pictures and words, he reflects upon his book “Before the Court of Heaven”; a work of historic fiction dealing with the fall of the Weimar democracy and the rise of the Third Reich. The conversation speaks to the critical issues of that day, and our own time. Recorded: 12/8/17

Producer: Len Rowell

First Wednesday: ” Physicists’ Dream of a Theory of Everything” by Prof. Marcelo Gleiser

Theoretical physicists have long dreamed of a theory of everything that encompasses all particles of matter and their interactions. Dartmouth professor Marcelo Gleiser describes how physics and astronomy obtain knowledge of the natural world and how their limitations preclude us from ever getting to a “final” theory. Presented in honor of Middlebury College Professor of Physics Richard Wolfson. Recorded 12/6/17.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library