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Vermont Fish & Wildlife: Black Bears in Vermont

Black Bear Project Leader for the VT Fish & Wildlife Department Forrest Hammond will give a presentation on the Black Bears of VT with special attention given to the challenges of Vermont residents for living with these beautiful but controversial wild animals.  The issues and conflicts of bears in garbage, feeding birds, raising chickens and bees, and composting will be discussed and some recommendations offered regarding how to cope and live with these amazing animals. Recorded 10/3/19.

 Producer: MCTV

VT Book Shop: Mary Beth Stevens, author of Tippy Finds a Home

New England picturebook author Mary Beth Stevens shares Tippy Finds a Home, a true story of a little rescue dog who is all alone in the world and searching for his forever home.  It takes some doing, but Tippy has faith, and eventually he finds a family that is perfect for him. With beautiful illustrations by Susan Spellman,

Presented with Homeward Bound, Addison County’s Humane Society, a community-centered shelter that supports the human-animal bond through compassionate care, adoption, education, and advocacy. Recorded 9/28/19.

Producer: VT Book Shop