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A female scientist’s journey through academia


A personal account of the scientific life with Dr. Shannon Macauley, Associate Professor with Tenure in the Departments of Physiology & Pharmacology and Internal Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Dr. Macauley has coauthored over 40 peer reviewed, scientific publications on her work and currently runs a multi-million dollar research lab funded by the National Institute of Health and foundation grants to better understand neurodegenerative diseases. Her work has been showcased in numerous media outlets and Dr. Macauley has been a repeat guest on NPR’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow. This talk is sponsored by the Middlebury chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

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AAUW Speaker Series: Conflict Transformation at Middlebury and Beyond


A talk with Sarah Stroup, Middlebury College professor of political science and director of the Kathryn Wasserman Davis Collaborative in Conflict Transformation. Conflict is part of the human experience. The field of conflict transformation (CT) explores how destructive conflicts become relatively constructive and how people can conduct themselves to foster such changes. In 2022, Middlebury received a seven-year, $25 million grant to expand the work of conflict transformation throughout the institution. In this talk, Professor Stroup outlines the challenges and opportunities of this major initiative.

Part of AAUW/Ilsley Library Speaker Series

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AAUW Speaker Series: Covering Local News in a Changing World


[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end]During his presentation McCright discusses the changes he has seen during his three decades in journalism, and offer some information on how the Addison Independent will both adjust and grow in the future — even in this coming year! “The way that a community newspaper covers the news is changing in this digital age,” says McCright, “but the role of the community newspaper continues to be the same as it has been for the last century or two: to help glue together the people and institutions in Addison County by showing what is going on.” John McCright oversees the gathering of news for the Independent, managing a staff that includes three full-time reporters, a photographer, an online editor, a copyeditor, and many outside contributors. He works closely with the publisher, production department, advertising staff, and front-office crew to make sure the news gets to the community.

Part of AAUW/Ilsley Library Speaker Series[/ezcol_2third_end][ezcol_1third] Producer: MCTV

AAUW Speaker Series: Nursing Education in Crisis


[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] A steady supply of new nurses is needed in the US to replace those who leave or retire from the profession. While there had been steady growth in nursing school enrollments through 2019, since 2020 enrollments, numbers of newly licensed nurses, and numbers of nurse educators have all declined substantially, a worrisome trend. Negative social media posts by nurses, reports of violence against nurses during the pandemic, reportedly low salaries, and frequent reference to burnout may be pushing college-age students away from a career in nursing. Dr. Moore-Cox  discusses these issues along with strategies to combat them.  Sponsored by the Middlebury Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Talk[/ezcol_2third_end][ezcol_1third] Producer: MCTV

AAUW Speaker Series: Vermont’s Child Care Campaign


[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end] Aly Richards, CEO of Let’s Grow Kids, discusses Vermont’s Child Care Campaign, which is on a path to transform Vermont’s child care system by 2025. Richards shares how access to high-quality, affordable child care for our youngest children is essential to early learning and development, a robust workforce, and a resilient economy. An AAUW (American Association of University Women) Speaker Series Talk[/ezcol_2third_end][ezcol_1third] Producer: MCTV