ACSD Board Meeting 2/12/24


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ACSD Board Meeting 2/12/24 Click here to download the agenda (Full agenda continues below…)

A. Call to Order Upon Reaching A Quorum 1 Introductions – Board Members, Administrators and Staff Barb Wilson 5 min . 2 Public Comment on Agenda Items Barb Wilson 10 min . B Recommendation to Approve Minutes of 1/22/24 and 1/25/24 Barb Wilson 5 min . Approve ACSD Bills C James Malcolm 5 min . Report of the Student Representatives Sophia Lawton Eddie Fallis D 5 min . E Report of the Superintendent Tim Williams . 1 Proposed MUHS Schedule Change Presentation 20 min . 2 Impact of Pending Act 127 Changes MatthewCorrente 30 min . 3 Facilities Update MatthewCorrente 15 min . Action: Approve Faculty/Staff Appointments/Resignations 4 5 min . a. Appoint Olivia Atwood as a Custodian, 1.0 FTE, Step 4 b. Appoint James Sestokas as a Grounds Technician, 1.0 FTE, Step 25 c. Appoint Kathrine Smith as a Paraprofessional, .50 FTE, Step 1 d. Accept Retirement of Tracy Longchamp, Classroom Teacher, 1.00 effective 6/30/2024 e. Accept Retirement of Janelle Perry-Askew, Science Teacher, 1.00 effective 6/30/2024 *PublicCommentGuidelines: Public comments are encouraged and welcome at each regular board meeting during the period designated for public comment.Comments are limited to three minutes per person.Citizens will be called to make their statement bythe board chair. Public comments regarding personnel, students or legal matters will not be heard bythe Board. f. Accept Resignation of Michael Sassin, Special Educator, 1.00 effective 6/30/2024 F Report of the Chair Barb Wilson 10 min . 1. Annual Meeting Protocols G Report of the Board 20 min . 1. Committee Updates a. Communications & Engagement b. Negotiations c. Facilities d. Finance e. Policy f. Addison Central SEPAC g. Middlebury Community Television h. Parks and Recreation i. Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center H Public Comment – Any Topic Barb Wilson 10 min . I. Adjournment