Sheldon Museum: Meet The Collectors, 2nd Program


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This is the second program in the “Meet the Collectors” series. Four collectors who lent objects to the Sheldon’s exhibit Addison County Collects will talk about their collection. Bob Hooker will show several interesting metal objects he has excavated in his yard including the horseshoe pictured, with a little family history thrown in as well – his grandfather and great-grandfather were both blacksmiths on the property where Bob lives. Rod Michaud will discuss his extensive collection of mechanical banks and toys, like the 1886 Uncle Sam mechanical bank included in the Sheldon’s exhibit. Pam Pezzulo will share how she started her collection of antique children’s sewing machines like the Hansel and Gretel machine in the exhibit, and show some examples from her collection. Musician Rick Ceballos collects banjos and has a few proto-banjos from Africa. He will talk about the Ngoni in the Sheldon’s exhibit along with a few other instruments. Lucinda Cockrell will focus her talk on her collection of Lady Head Vases manufactured by NAPCO in Japan and imported by the National Potteries Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Originally made to hold florists’ flower arrangements, these ceramic head vases became popular in the 1950s and 60s.

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Producer: Henry Sheldon Museum