ACSD Board Meeting 5/9/22


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AGENDA Addison Central School District ACSD  Board Meeting Monday, May 8, 2021, 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm 208 Charles Avenue, Middlebury, VT & Virtual Connection

A. Call to Order Upon Reaching A Quorum Introductions – Board Members, Administrators, Staff and Student Representatives 1 5 min . Public Comment 2 10 min . B Recommendation to Approve Minutes of April 25, 2022 2 min . Approve ACSD Bills C 2 min . D. Report of the Superintendent 1 Discussion: MUMS 2022-2023 Vision 40 min . 2 Discussion: PCB Testing 15 min . E. Report of the Board Amend the Following Policies: 1 15 min . a. A1 – Governance Commitment b. A2 – Key Responsibilities of Board Members c. B1 – Substitute Teachers d. B2 – Volunteers and Work Study Students e. B3 – Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace f. B4 – Drug and Alcohol Testing Transportation Employees g. B7 – Tobacco Prohibition h. D3 – Internet Use Discussion: Committee Updates 2 10 min . *PublicCommentGuidelines: Public comments are encouraged and welcome at each regular board meeting during the period designated for public comment.Comments are limited to three minutes per person.Citizens will be called to make their statement bythe board chair. Public comments regarding personnel, students or legal matters will not be heard bythe Board. F. Other G. Adjournment