At The Ilsley: Epic Survival and Wildlife in the Antarctic w/ Prof. Tom Perera


[/ezcol_1third]This illustrated talk chronicles Shackleton’s epic Antarctic exploration aboard the Endeavor and the miraculous survival of his crew after his ship was crushed in the ice and his crew were forced to take refuge on a tiny spit of land. While visiting the sites of Shackleton’s adventures as they exist today, the talk will take you to the Falkland and S. Georgia Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. It will also highlight the current density of wildlife including penguins and seals and take you on a wild ride through the infamous Drake Passage in 25 foot seas and 69 knot winds.Tom Perera is a retired Columbia University professor who hunts for and restores German Enigma machines, travels widely with his wife, and gives talks on his travels. Recorded 9/19/19 by MCTV.[ezcol_1third]

Producer: Ilsley Public Library