UD #3 School Board Meeting: 5/10/16


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UD#3 School Board Ripton Elementary School 753 Lincoln Road
Ripton, VT 05766
May 10, 2016 7:30 PM
1. Call to Order
2. Public Comment
3. Recommendation to Approve Minutes
a. UD#3 School Board Meeting – April 5, 2016
4. Act on Bills
5. Report of the Principals
a. Discussion: Principal’s Report
b. Discussion: International Baccalaureate
c. Discussion: FY16 Financial Report
6. Report of the Superintendent
a. Discussion/Action: MUMS Principal Hiring Process
b. Action: EEA Policy Transportation Request
7. Report of the Board
a. Discussion: Facilities Committee
b. Action: MUMS Lobby Bid
8. Adopt the following Policy:
File Code: Title
JFJC: Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students
9. Amend the following Policy:
File Code: Title
GBCD: Employee Harassment
10. Rescind the following Policies:
File Code: Title
JG: Student Conduct and Discipline
JHCC: Communicable Diseases
11. Other Business
12. Items for Future Meetings
13. Next Meeting Date: June 7, 2016 – 7:00 PM at MUHS
14. Adjournment

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