VT Drug Policy Panel 4/15/24


Three local professionals will discuss their experiences navigating the opioid crisis here. Ian Sullivan, Rutland County state’s attorney, will talk about his experience running a drug treatment docket as an alternative to traditional prosecution. Danielle Wallace, executive director of the Turning Point Center of Addison County in Middlebury, will describe the programs offered right here in Addison County, how she sees the situation shifting locally, and what roadblocks her organization faces in helping people succeed in their recovery. The third panelist is David Mickenberg, a long-time drug policy reform advocate who has been representing the Drug Policy Alliance in Montpelier for the past several years. He will fill listeners in on recent reforms to Vermont’s drug laws, and what cutting-edge solutions are being worked on both here and nationally. Addison County High Bailiff Dave Silberman, a Middlebury attorney, will moderate the discussion. The event was organized by the Addison County Democrats.

Producer: MCTV