ACSD Board Meeting 12/11/23


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ACSD Board Meeting 12/11/23 Click here to download the agenda (Full agenda continues below…)

A Call to Order Upon Reaching A Quorum Barb Wilson . 1 Introductions – Board Members, Administrators and Staff Barb Wilson 5 min . 2 Public Comment on Agenda Items Barb Wilson 10 min . B Recommendation to Approve Minutes of 10/23 and 11/27 Barb Wilson 5 min . Approve ACSD Bills C James Malcom 5 min . Report of the Student Representatives Eddie Fallis Sophia Lawton D 5 min . Mary Hogan Black Lives Matter Flag Request E 15 min . 1. Action: Mary Hogan Black Lives Matter Flag Request F Report of the Superintendent Nicole Carter 40 min . 1. Action: Approve Faculty/Staff Appointments/Resignations a. Appoint Maurice Bissonette as a Behavior Interventionist ,1.0 FTE, Non-Union b. Appoint Cheri Lackard as a Paraprofessional ,1.0 FTE, Step 1 2. Action: Mary Hogan ESSER Project Contractor Prequalification Nicole Carter *PublicCommentGuidelines: Public comments are encouraged and welcome at each regular board meeting during the period designated for public comment.Comments are limited to three minutes per person.Citizens will be called to make their statement bythe board chair. Public comments regarding personnel, students or legal matters will not be heard bythe Board. Action: Motion to set the MUHS school choice capacity for FY25 at 15 students total, as recommended in the meeting materials. 3 Nicole Carter . Presentation: Student Services Budget 2.0 and Property Yield and Tax Rate Projections 4 MatthewCorrente . Report of the Chair G 15 min . 1 Community Introduction Plan for Dr. Baker Barb Wilson . 2. Board Training/Professional Development Discussion H. Report of the Board 1 Strategic Plan Discussion: Barb Wilson 20 min . a. Action: Approve Strategic Plan Committee Updates 2 20 min . a Communications & Engagement MaryHeather Noble . Facilities b Jason Chance . c. Finance James Malcom d Negotiations SteveOrzech . e Policy Suzanne Buck . i. A22: Notice of Non-Discrimination ii. A23: Community Engagement and Vision Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center Tricia Allen f. g Addison Central SEPAC Joanna Doria . h Parks and Recreation LindseyHescock . Middlebury Community Television Barb Wilson i. Public Comment – Any Topic 10 min I. J. Adjournment