Middlebury Selectboard 9/26/23

  Producer: MCTV Middlebury Selectboard Meeting 9/26/23 Click here to download the agenda (Full agenda continues below…)
7:00 1. **Call to Order 2. *Approval of Agenda 3. *Approval of Consent Agenda 3a. Approval of Minutes of the September 12, 2023 Regular Selectboard Meeting 3b. Acceptance of Selectboard Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (if any) 3c. Consent Agenda Placeholder 3d. Consent Agenda Placeholder 3e. Consent Agenda Placeholder 3f. Town Manager’s Report • Update on Archives Project 4. **Citizen Comments (Opportunity to raise or address issues not otherwise included on this agenda) 7:10 5. **Agenda Placeholder 7:15 6. *Ilsley Public Library – Renovation & Expansion Project Planning 6a. *Approval of Agreement with ReArch Company for Preconstruction & Schematic Design Services 6b. *Approval of Submission of a Grant Application for a Historic Preservation Grant 7:30 7. *Emmalee Cherington, Director of Public Works Planning, with updates & recommendations from the September 14, 2023 Infrastructure Committee Meeting 7a. *Recommendation Regarding Contracting for the Wastewater Treatment Facility Preliminary Engineering Report: Approval of Termination of Contract with Current Engineering Firm & Approval of Contract with Recommended Firm 7b. *Agreement with Aldrich + Elliot Water Resource Engineers for Conceptual Stormwater Designs 7:40 8. **Jennifer Murray, Director of Planning & Zoning, Presentation on Bike & Pedestrian Connectivity Scoping Study 8:00 9. *Jennifer Murray, Director of Planning & Zoning, Regarding renewal of the State’s Village Designation, Neighborhood Development Area and Downtown Designation, including approval of the Community Reinvestment Agreement for Middlebury’s Designated Downtown Area 8:10 10. *Approval of Grant Application for the Community Partnership for Neighborhood Development Grant Program in Support of Summit Properties’ Development on Seminary Street Extension (Placeholder) 8:20 11. *Contributions to the Vermont Employees Retirement System for Non-Union Employees 12. *Agenda Placeholder 13. *Agenda Placeholder 8:30 14. *Approval of Check Warrants 15. **Board Member Concerns TOWN OF MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT Selectboard Meeting Tuesday September 26, 2023 7:00PM Large Conference Room 77 Main Street, Middlebury video-conference available (Instructions below) 16. **Executive Session – Anticipated – Real Estate/Contracts 17. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session 8:45 18. *Adjourn