Middlebury Selectboard 7/11/23

  Producer: MCTV Middlebury Selectboard Meeting 7/11/23 Click here to download the agenda (Full agenda continues below…)
7:00 1. **Call to Order 2. *Approval of Agenda 3. *Approval of Consent Agenda 3a. Approval of Minutes of the June 27, 2023 Regular Selectboard Meeting 3b. Acceptance of Selectboard Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (if Any) 3c. Consent Agenda Placeholder 3d. Consent Agenda Placeholder 3e. Town Manager’s Report 4. **Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues not otherwise included on this agenda] 7:10 5. *Town Water System – Proposed Asset Management Agreement 7:20 6. * Approval of Planning Advance Loan Agreement and supporting documents for design of the new Water Storage Tank on Chipman Hill 7:30 7. Fire Chief David Shaw with a request for Sole Source Procurement of Fire Gear 7:40 8. *Library Director Dana Hart and Joe McVeigh, Library Trustee, with an update from the Ilsley 100 Project Team 7:50 9. *Consideration of grant applications to the State Department of Environmental Conservation for funding to improve wastewater pretreatment facilities 9a. Jeremy Palmer, Capital Projects Manager & Facilities Supervisor, WhistlePig Whiskey 9b. Aaron Page, Environmental Engineer, Agrimark/Cabot 8:05 10. *Restarting the Policy Review Committee – Appointment of Selectboard Subcommittee and preliminary outline of next steps 11. **Agenda Placeholder 12. **Agenda Placeholder 13. *Approval of Check Warrants 14. **Board Member Concerns 15. *Executive Session – Anticipated – Personnel 16. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session 8:20 17. *Adjourn