Middlebury Selectboard 4/11/23


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Middlebury Selectboard Meeting 4/11/23 Click here to download the agenda (Full agenda continues below…)

7:00 1. **Call to Order 2. *Approval of Agenda 3. *Approval of Consent Agenda 3a. Approval of Minutes of the March 21, 2023 Special Selectboard Meeting, March 28, 2023 Selectboard Retreat, & April 4, 2023 Special Selectboard Meeting 3b. Acceptance of Selectboard Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 3c. Approval of Renewal Applications for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class Liquor Licenses, Outside Consumption Permits and Entertainment Permits 3d. Approval of Middlebury College’s annual request for a ‘blanket approval’ for serving alcohol at catered events at Middlebury College from May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024 3e. Appointment of Delegate and Alternate(s) to the Maple Broadband Governing Board 3f. Middlebury Airport: Letter to Vermont Agency of Transportation Requesting Information for Middlebury and East Middlebury Water Systems’ Source Protection Plans 3g. Town Manager’s Report • Amendment of Charter to provide for the Appointment of a Town Treasurer is now pending before the Legislature as H.495 4. *Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues not otherwise included on this agenda] 4a. Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award Presentation by Middlebury American Legion Post 27 7:10 5. *Nominations to Appointed Boards, Committees, Commissions & Official Positions 7:20 6. *Applications for Public Assemblage Permits 6a. *John Barstow, President, Addison County Community Trust, Annual Community Celebration in September 6b. *Nanette Carpenter, Midd Summer Market, throughout the summer 7:30 7. *Emmalee Cherington & Bill Kernan, Department of Public Works – with updates & recommendations from the April 6, 2023 Infrastructure Committee Meeting 7a. *Letter of Intent for Northern Borders Regional Commission (NBRC) Catalyst Program for Funding for Construction of Water Storage Tank 7b. *Wastewater Treatment Facility Engineer’s Agreement 7c. *Award of Contract for Construction of South Street Waterline from Porter Field Road to Main Street 7d. *Municipal Highway – Roadway Grant/Structures Grant 7e. *Award Crack Sealing Bid 7f. *Award Mowing Bid 7g. *Award Bid for Electric Mower 7h. *Award Bid for Line Painting 7i. *Award for Tree Pruning Bid 7j. *Paving Bids Engineering Agreement 7k. **Vermont Agency of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant Awarded for Stormwater Feasibility Study 7l. *Other Project Updates 8:00 8. *Approval of the Annual Financial Plan for Town Highways and Town Road Standards  8:05 9. *Dana Hart, Library Director, and Joe McVeigh, Ilsley 100 Project Team, with Updates on their Work, and a Request to Proceed with Notifying the Selected Firms of their Participation in the Upcoming Library Design Competition 9a. *Award Contract for Conducting a Fundraising Feasibility Study to CPG Enterprises, Inc. 8:15 10. *Phyllis Stinson, Middlebury Skatepark Project, requesting a letter of support from the Town to support their upcoming grant applications 8:25 11. *Adoption of Selectboard Policy on Permitting Exemptions to the Ordinance for the Regulation of Noise 8:35 12. *Approval for Participation in New National Opioid Settlement – Teva, Allergan, CVS, Walgreens & Walmart 8:40 13. **Laura Asermily, Report on the 2023 Town Meeting Poll 8:45 14. *Follow-up to Board Retreat of March 28, 2023, including Appointments of Selectboard Subcommittee & Board Representatives 15. *Agenda Placeholder 16. *Agenda Placeholder 8:55 17. *Approval of Check Warrants 18. **Board Member Concerns 19. *Executive Session – Anticipated – Contracts & Real Estate 20. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session 9:05 21. *Adjourn