Middlebury Selectboard 12/13/22


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Middlebury Selectboard Meeting. Click here for the agenda. *(Description continues…)[/ezcol_2third_end][ezcol_1third]


1. **Call to Order

2. *Approval of Agenda

3. *Approval of Consent Agenda

3.a. Approval of Minutes of the November 29, 2022, Regular Selectboard Meeting

3.b. Acceptance of Selectboard Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

3.c. Letter of Support for Town Hall Theater’s Grant Application to the Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development’s Community Recovery & Revitalization Program

3.d. Arbor Day Proclamation

3.e. Renewal of Tree City USA Designation

3.f. Approval of Amendment to Exchange Street Bike-Pedestrian Project Grant

3.g. Tree City USA Growth Award Application

3.h. Town Manager’s Report

  • Vermont League of Cities & Towns’ White Paper on a Statewide Recommitment to Public Safety
  • Middlebury Airport Communications Update – November 30, 2022
  • Application for Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) Designation Submitted
  • National Opioids Settlements – Notice of Janssen Settlement Agreement


4. **Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues not otherwise included on this agenda]

5. **Agenda Placeholder


6. *Dan Werner and Emmalee Cherington, Director of Public Works Planning, with recommendations from the December 1, 2022 Infrastructure Committee Meeting

6.a. Approval of Engineering Proposal for Seymour Street Project

6.b. Approval of Grant Application for Feasibility Analysis of Stormwater Projects

6.c. Approval of Purchase of Generator for Halladay Road Pump Station

6.d. Approval of Selection of Engineering Consultant Firm to Design Wastewater Treatment Facility

6.e. Approval of Vehicle & Equipment Purchases: Class 2a Regular Cab Truck; Class 3 Regular Cab/Utility Body Truck; Class4 Regular Cab/Utility Body Truck; Class 8 Single Axle Truck; Plow Truck Body Build


7. **First Draft of FY23 General Fund Budget

7.a. Kathleen Ramsay, Town Manager, Review of Major Budget Drivers Based on First Draft Budget; Review of Budget Requests for Administration, Employee Benefits & Debt Service

7.b. **Dana Hart, Director, Ilsley Public Library, Budget Request for Libraries

7.c. **Thomas Hanley, Chief of Police, Budget Request for Police Department

7.d. **David Shaw, Fire Chief, Budget Request for Fire Department

7.e. **Bill Kernan, Director of Public Works Operations, Budget Request for Public Works

7.f. **Dustin Hunt, Parks & Recreation Superintendent, Budget Request for Parks & Recreation


8. *Public Hearing on Proposed Amendment to Noise Ordinance, to change quiet hours on Friday, Saturday, and special holidays from the current 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.


9. *William B. Hart, Request for Approval of Application for a Vermont State Plaque at Court Square to Commemorate Frederick Douglass’s Visit to Middlebury July 13-14, 1843


10. *Leslie Kameny and Hans Raum of the Tree Committee


10.a. Approval of Application for 2023 Vermont Fruit and Nut Tree Grant


10.b. Approval of Application for 2023 Community Caring for [Tree] Canopy Grant


11. *Consideration of and vote on proposed Charter Amendment for Appointment of a Town Treasurer by the Selectboard


12.  *Approval of Listers’ Grand List Errors & Omissions Report


13.  *Report on Town-College Meeting of December 5, 2022


14. *Agenda Placeholder

15. **Agenda Placeholder


16. *Approval of Check Warrants

17. **Board Member Concerns

18. *Executive Session – Anticipated – Real Estate

19. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session


20. *Adjourn

Additional information about most Agenda items is available on the Town’s website, www.townofmiddlebury.org on the Selectboard page.