ACSD Board Meeting 10/24/22


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AGENDA Addison Central School District ACSD  Board Meeting Monday, October 24, 2022, 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm 3442 208 Charles Avenue, Middlebury, VT

A. Call to Order Upon Reaching A Quorum 1. Introductions – Board Members, Administrators and Staff 2. Public Comment B. Welcome Student Board Representative Eddie Fallis C. Recommendation to Approve Minutes of D. Approve ACSD Bills E. Report of the Superintendent 1. Action: Bike Pump Track 2. Discussion: FY24 Budget Drivers F. Report of the Board 1. Discussion: Board Stipends 2. Action: Ad Hoc Committee Findings G. Amend the Following Policies 1. Action: A6 Board Member Conflict of Interest 2. Action: B5 Prevention of Employee Harassment 3. Action: C6 Participation of Home Study Students 4. Action: C8 Pupil Privacy Rights 5. Action D6: Class Size. H. Executive Session – Personnel I. Other J. Adjournment