ACSD Board Meeting 8/7/18


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Addison Central School District
ACSD Board
Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
MUHS Learning Center
A. Call to Order Upon Reaching a Quorum
1. Introductions – Board Members, Administrators and Staff
2. Public Comment B. Recommendation to Approve Minutes of June 18, 2018
C. Approve ACSD Bills D. ACSD Board Representative to the Middlebury Recreation Committee – Karen Duguay
E. Presentation: Lead Testing in ACSD – Molly Robinson
F. Report of the Superintendent
1. Discussion: IB Training for Board Members
2. Discussion: Transportation Expenditure
G. Report of the Board 1. Action: Approve FY19 Food Service Management Contract (FSMC)
2. Action: Approve FY19 Meal Prices
3. Action: Approve and Sign FY19 Transportation Contract
4. Action: Approve Peoples United Bank Corporate Resolution
5. Discussion: ACSD Retreat Planning 6. Discussion: Board Governance Policies
a. A1 – Governance Commitment
b. A2 – Key Responsibilities of Board Members
c. A3 – Relationship to Roles of the Board and the Superintendent
d. A4 – Policy Development
e. A5 – Code of Conduct f. A6 – Board Members Conflict of Interest
g. A7 – Governing Style
h. A8 – Agenda Development
i. A9 – Chair’s Role
j. A10 – Students on the Board
7. Discussion: State Board Presentation on ACSD Unification
8. Discussion: ACSD Board Appointment: Weybridge Representative
H. Other
I. Executive Session: ACSD Negotiations, V.S.A. Title 1, § 313 (1) (B) J. Adjournment
When there are many people who wish to speak, the chair can at their discretion, use a speakers’ list. Members of the public will be given an opportunity to sign the speakers’ list, indicating which agenda item will be addressed. The chair may choose to limit the time for each speaker.

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