OCAS Cabin Fever Lecture: Why Ghana? by Hank Kaestner

World-traveling birder, Hank Kaestner will give a presentation on Ghana, a seldom visited West African nation which is rich in history, culture and, of course, birds, many of which are range restricted to western Africa. From the rain forests in the south, to the sub-Saharan desert in the north, colorful birds abound. Hank spent two weeks chasing “lifers” there, seeing almost 300 species of birds, one third of which were new for his life list. Recorded 3/12/20.

Producer: Ron Payne/Otter Creek Audubon Society

Tiny Houses at the Marquis Theater

A collaboration with Homes First and Conversations From the Open Road, 8 Vermont youth journalists and 2 adults traveled to six different communities from Ithaca, NY, to Eugene, OR, to learn about how people are coming together to find solutions for environmentally and economically sustainable housing. Students collaborated on 4 short videos expressing aspects of what they learned. Recorded 1/22/20 Producer: MCTV

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