PAHCC Construction Tech – Our Tiny Home Build!

HomesFirstVT, the organization is working with Nick Cantrick and the PAHCC Construction Tech program to build right-sized homes for our working neighbors. HomesFirstVT is no-profit partner who is fundraising and working with our community to find placement for the homes, and residents to enjoy them – a simple sentence, disguising the loads of work this entails.
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AAUW Speaker Series: Nursing Education in Crisis

A steady supply of new nurses is needed in the US to replace those who leave or retire from the profession. While there had been steady growth in nursing school enrollments through 2019, since 2020 enrollments, numbers of newly licensed nurses, and numbers of nurse educators have all declined substantially, a worrisome trend. Negative social media posts by nurses, reports of violence against nurses during the pandemic, reportedly low salaries, and frequent reference to burnout may be pushing college-age students away from a career in nursing. Dr. Moore-Cox  discusses these issues along with strategies to combat them.  Sponsored by the Middlebury Chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Talk
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Sheldon Museum: What Do the Midterms Mean for American Democracy?

Physician and former six-term governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, presents a talk, “What Do the Midterms Mean for American Democracy?”

This presentation is jointly sponsored as a community program by the Henry Sheldon Museum and the Hawthorne Club, both long associated with the history of Middlebury and Addison County.

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