Dorothy Canfield Fisher Challenge 2016

Students in the Addison Central Supervisory District participate in the 2016 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Challenge, a trivia contest based on reading the DCF books from that year. Teams are organized so each team has representatives from each of the elementary schools in the district. The yearly competition is held at the Ilsley Public Library, and was hosted by Tricia Allen, Ilsley’s Youth Services Librarian.

Producer: MCTV

ACORN: Three High Performance Homes, Three Aproaches

Producer: ACORN

This presentation will compare the design, construction, and performance of three new Addison County high-performance homes completed in 2015 and 2016. All two-story buildings on small lots, these homes used a variety of construction systems to accommodate aesthetic, site, and builder considerations. Find out how overall home designs met the interests and goals of the homeowners; the cost, performance and ease of construction of the different envelope systems; and reasons to choose one system over the others. Presentation will include cost and payback information as well. Presenters: Jean Terwilliger of Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C., Alex Carver of Northern Timbers Construction, and Tom LeBoeuf of Northeast Craftsmen Group. Recorded at the Ilsley Library 4/18/17.

Tiger TV Episode #12: 4/17/17

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