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MCTV Annual Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting. We had short presentations of some of our programming, followed by some great questions and discussion.

school board

UD#3 School Board 12/18/13

Union District#3 School Board
MUHS - Learning Center
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
7:00 PM

7:00 Call to Order

7:05 Adopt Agenda

7:10 Comments and Questions from Visitors and Members of the Community 7:15 Article XV: Association Comment

7:20 Approve Minutes of December 3, 2013

7:25 Act on Bills

7:30 Reports:
A. Principals
B. Board

7:35 Approve FY 15 Budget

7:40 Approve School District Warnings

7:45 Set Announced Tuition Rate for FY 15

7:50 Town Recreation Center Proposal

7:55 Other Business

8:00 Items for Future Meetings

8:05 Adjournment

Material related to this agenda, excluding executive session documents, can be obtained at the Superintendent’s Office by calling 802-382-1274 or email

ACSU 5/16/12

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UD3 Board 4/03/12

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UD3 Annual Meeting 2/28/12

ACSU Board 2/15/12


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