Middlebury Five-O: Sister to Sister Program

A whole panel of guests representing the organization ‘Sister to Sister’, talking about the giddy fun they have as Middlebury College students connecting with local area middle school girls – playing wild games, exploring explosive science, cooking decadent snacks, and much more. This group of confident, capable and committed women articulately convey how crucial it is for girls to have positive role models to engage with as they navigate their way into adolescence, striving to gain an affirming sense of self while bombarded by unhealthy stereotypes and expectation in our culture. A lively and heartening show, overflowing with joy and empowerment. Recorded 10/26/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

Pedaling Through History: Gallery Talk with Glenn Eames

Glenn Eames provides a guided tour of his collection at the Henry Sheldon Museum, an exhibit which recently closed. Bicycle posters, historic bicycling photographs, antique bicycle signs, and a small library of bicycle-related books entertained the visitors. Included in the exhibit were an 1895 Vermont map highlighting bicycle routes lent by Vermont Bicycle Tour founder and former owner John Freidin.

For more info, visit http://henrysheldonmuseum.org/

Producer: Henry Sheldon Museum

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