Tales of a Horse Jockey

At age 20, David Allan Rose made a decision to become a professional horse jockey. There were a few issues: he had never ridden a horse in his life, he weighed too much and was too tall. He was getting started about 10 years too late and had no horse racing connections. However, when you are committed to a dream you can’t let the small stuff hold you back. David did accomplish his goal and shares his story with us. Filmed by Chris Kirby for Ilsley Public Library and Middlebury Community Television 3/17/16.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

ACORN: What Makes Good Solar in Vermont?

Producer: ACORN

Vermont has a target of 90% renewable generation by 2050, and the path to get there is largely paved with solar panels. Join us for a conversation to discuss what makes an acceptable solar project, and how we can make progress towards our 90% target. Our expert panelists include Gabrielle Stebbins, former Executive Director, Renewable Energy Vermont; Kevin Jones, Professor, Vermont Law School; Dorothy Schnure, Green Mountain Power; and Ben Marks, Regulatory Attorney and Acorn Energy Co-op Board Director. Filmed 3/16/16.

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