Middlebury Five-O: Taborri Bruhl

An uplifting show drawing upon a rare and vibrant resource – a positive, hopeful vision of a sustainable future. Taborri shares his view of a culture shifting toward responsible consumption while embracing renewable forms of energy production, suggesting we have the technological capacity and are developing the social and political will to realize these increasingly imperative aspirations. While acknowledging the profound challenges, the message is one of sober and pragmatic optimism. Recorded 4/21/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

ACEDC: Vermont Futures Project Forum

The Vermont Futures Project is convening a statewide discussion series regarding the future of Vermont with a goal of enhancing and sustaining a robust and growing economy. To help build this vision, the Vermont Futures Project is holding forums led by the Vermont Futures Project research team of Jeff Lewis and Jennifer Stromsten who will discuss key economic indicators on the recently launched economic dashboard found at www.VTFuturesProject.org. They will explore Vermont’s unique challenge in balancing our commitment to environmental responsibility, fairness to our people, and growth of opportunity. Filmed 4/21/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

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