Deborah Felmeth Book Talk: Syria, Remember Me

Deborah Felmeth shares stories of Syria and discusses her recent book entitled Syria–Remember Me. She found her way to Damascus in 1991 and fell in love with Syria: its hills, its deserts, its cities and villages, and above all its people and their culture. She never really left. Since 1996 and up until the upheavals, insanities, terrible heartbreaks and deep tragedies of recent events there, she and her husband divided their time equally between a beloved apartment above Straight Street in the Old City of Damascus and their equally well-loved home in Vermont. Recorded 1/20/16.

Producer: MCTV

Rep. Betty Nuovo with Jessica Danyow (Homeward Bound)

Vermont State Rep. Betty Nuovo interviews Jessica Danyow, director of Homeward Bound: Addison County’s Humane Society. Falling asleep on Jessica’s lap is Katie, available for adoption. Katie’s guaranteed to be gone soon, ’cause she’s just that cute!

To visit Homeward Bound: click below
Recorded 1/18/16.

Producer: Joseph Watson

Middlebury Five-O: Sarit Katzew

The bright and innovative Director of Education and Program & Outreach Coordinator of Havurah talks about her role in the organization. Sarit shares her enthusiastic vision for the future, providing services and a broad array of programming to the diverse Jewish community – and energetically building connections within the wider community. Her expansive and welcoming view of Havurah and of Judaism is uplifting, and her positive energy is deeply engaging. Recorded 1/14/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

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