ACEDC: Vermont Futures Project Forum

The Vermont Futures Project is convening a statewide discussion series regarding the future of Vermont with a goal of enhancing and sustaining a robust and growing economy. To help build this vision, the Vermont Futures Project is holding forums led by the Vermont Futures Project research team of Jeff Lewis and Jennifer Stromsten who will discuss key economic indicators on the recently launched economic dashboard found at They will explore Vermont’s unique challenge in balancing our commitment to environmental responsibility, fairness to our people, and growth of opportunity. Filmed 4/21/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

Middlebury Five-O: Paul Reynolds of the Vermont Mozart Festival

A celebrity guest appearance by the eminent and devilishly charming musical genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (aka Paul Reynolds)! Wolfy talks about the revivified and reinvented Vermont Mozart Festival, which is drawing young instrumental talent from the far reaches of the nation and gathering it in Vermont to provide epic performances of some of his most beloved work – furthering the careers of these fledgling virtuosos while delighting us music-loving natives. Of special note are some of the fabulous new approaches being explored by the VMF – including a yoga-fused Mozart spa and Mozart madness, which has something to do with basketball (the favorite sport of Amadeus, I’m assured). Recorded 4/14/16.

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Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

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