Middlebury Five-O: Jackie Mason

The host, Officer mason, interviews his mother in her home in Brighton,
England. A delightful and thoroughly engaging show, in which Jackie talks
about growing up in a working class environment, struggling to get by. She
describes her family with obvious love and impish mischief, relating
inspiring tales of supplementing the family income harvesting fruit from
neighbors gardens, and seeing her beloved pet bunnies hanging on hooks in
the butcher’s shop window walking home from school one day. A charming
glimpse into the life of this woman who has faced tremendous hardship, yet
emerged filled with compassion and humor. Recorded 9/1/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

Middlebury Five-O: David Purvis

A special, on location edition of the show filmed in the sunny, English seaside resort town of Brighton – known for its history of royal debauchery, organized crime, 1960s gang violence, and fabulous gay pride parades. Dave, who, among his other talents and accolades is a cousin of the host, talks about growing up British, relating amusing anecdotes from his childhood and sharing his insights regarding his beloved home town. Recorded 9/1/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

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