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Las Promesas de Dios Ep100

Town Plan Public Hearing 6/19

ACEDC: Financing Resources to Help Your Business

Is your growing business ready to take off with the right financing? Do you know what the best match is for your funding needs? Do the options seem overwhelming or do you wish there were more choices available? If so, this workshop is for you! Learn about the many financing options for your business, from equity to traditional financing and everything in between.

Participants include representatives from the SBA, USDA Rural Development, National Bank of Middlebury, ACEDC, Opportunities Credit Union, VEDA,
Community Capital of Vermont, Vermont Community Loan Fund, and angel/equity investors.

For a guide to doing business in Addison County, click below:

The Learning Curve 6/18/14

Middlebury Five-0: Ben Fuller

A local insurance agent discusses the nature of the business, and the crucial role
it plays in peoples' lives, providing financial security and peace of mind. Ben
offers a fascinating account of his personal history, from conducting psychology
experiments at college, to his adventures as a family man, to his foray into local
politics serving on the Salisbury Selectboard. A thoroughly engaging show, filled
with insight and ribald good humor.

ID#4 Board Meeting 6/9/14

ID#4 School Board Meeting
Mary Hogan School Music Room
Monday, June 9, 2014 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order
2. Adopt Agenda
3. Comments and Questions from Visitors & Community Members
4. Consent Agenda
Approve Minutes of May 19, 2014
Act on Bills
5. Committee and Administrative Reports
Principal’s Report – Tom Buzzell (see attached)
Legislative Update – Peter Burrows
6. Policy Review
AEA – Federal Child Nutrition Act – Wellness Update 2013
BK – Public Statements by Board Members or the Board
EEAGA – Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing Transportation Employees
GBKC – Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
JFCH – Student Alcohol and Drug Abuse
7. 2014-15 Board Goals Review and Approval (see attached)
8. Approve FY 15 Tax Anticipation Note Borrowing
9. Approve Reappointment of Sabrina Butterfield as the ID#4 Board Representative to the Middlebury Parks and Recreation Committee
10. Other Business and Items for Future Meetings
11. Adjournment


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