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MCTV Annual Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting. We had short presentations of some of our programming, followed by some great questions and discussion.

Middlebury Five-0: Tom Buzzell

Principal of Mary Hogan Elementary School, Mr. Buzzell, describes his
involved and approachable leadership style, and talks with passion about
some of the enrichment programs at the school, from climbing and
ice-skating, to collaborations with MCTV, to literacy initiatives, such as
Everybody Wins and the Readathons - which led to him kissing a pig, and,
most recently, performing the chicken dance. He shares his inspiring vision
of education, and comments on the upcoming ID4 annual meeting, where the
Mary Hogan Budget will be discussed and voted on.

Medline Plus

Middlebury Five-0: Rose Curran

Rose offers a poised and articulate description of her artistic endeavors,
particularly writing, producing and directing a play exploring themes of
thankfulness and generosity, to be performed at the Grace Baptist
Church, on South Pleasant Street in Middlebury April 11 & 12. She describes her
experience being home schooled, presenting an enviable picture of
enrichment and engagement, framed within bucolic Whiting.

Revolution in Ukraine

Dr. Jennifer Dickinson, Associate Professor of Anthropology at UVM and Director of its Russian and East European Studies program, gives an overview of recent events in Ukraine and how they are related to larger trends in Ukrainian culture and society. She has been doing research in Ukraine for over 20 years and for the past several months she has been researching the role of social media in the Ukrainian revolution. She also answers questions from the audience in English, Ukrainian or Russian. Sponsored by the Middlebury Friends.

UD3 Board 4/1/14

UD#3 School Board Meeting
MUHS – Learning Center
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

6:00 Call to Order
6:05 Board Reorganization Election of Officers
A. Chair
B. Vice-Chair
C. Clerk
D. Authorize
1. Bank Accounts Signers
2. Invoice Payments
3. Chair to sign employment contracts at the recommendation of the Superintendent

6:15 Comments and Questions from Visitors and Members of the Community
6:20 Approve Minutes of March 4, 2014
6:25 Act on Bills
6:30 Reports:
A. Principals
B. Superintendent
C. Board

6:35 Review the Following Policies:
File Code Description
IKE Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion and Acceleration of Students
JBA Limited English Proficiency Students

6:40 NECAP Overview
6:45 Executive Session: Contract Negotiations
6:50 2014-2017 Teacher Contract Ratification
6:55 Items for Future Meetings
7:00 Adjournment

Material related to this agenda, excluding executive session documents, can be obtained at the Superintendent’s Office by calling 802-382-1274 or email jmany@addisoncentralsu.org.

An Evening with Madeleine Kunin and Pat Musick

In celebration of Women's History Month, the former Vermont governor gives a talk titled "The Unfinished Work of the Women's Movement" and unveils a new portrait painted by TJ Cunningham. Environmental artist Musick reveals a new body of work, “The Instant of It All,” and gives a lecture titled “A Common Language: Bourgeois, Connell, Takaezu and Pat Musick.”

Otter Creek Audubon: Bobolinks

Part of the Otter Creek Audubon Society's Cabin Fever Lecture Series: The Bobolink Project - Dr. Allan Strong, associate dean of the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources of the University of Vermont, provides an illustrated overview of The Bobolink Project. Faced with a rapidly and persistently declining Bobolink population and increasingly intensive management of Vermont's grasslands, Allan Strong helped put together a novel strategy for raising community funds to support healthy Bobolink habitat in Vermont. Filmed 3/27/14 with the support of Middlebury Community Television.

Legislative Breakfast 3/31/14


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