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Welcome to Middlebury Community Television. To find a video, either scroll back in time at the bottom of the page, or enter a search term (like ID#4 or pipeline) or an individual's name in the search box below.

Paul Kenyon: Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic

Paul Kenyon shares his stories and photos of 3 years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

Middlebury Five-0: White Cane Day

Linda Goodspeed and Brad Mullin talk about blindness and vision impairment,
offering an enlightening and engaging account of some of the challenges
they've faced, and some of the inspiring moments they've been blessed with.
The show focuses particularly on the upcoming White Cane Awareness Day,
scheduled for October 15th, at Ilsley Public Library in Middlebury, from
11-1 - a festive event, merging educational activities with community
celebration. For more information go to:

Reel Local: Straight Out of Rutland

Kurt interviews Hannah Bristol, one of the filmmakers from Middlebury College who produced "Straight Out of Rutland," a film that follows a young couple in Rutland who are working to improve Rutland and the city's own self-image in the wake of earlier media attention devoted to its heroin problem. The 15 minute film is shown during this segment.

ACSU Community Forum

Members of the ID#4 and UD#3 school boards invite you to an open discussion to share your hopes and dreams for Middlebury schools and the children, families and community they serve. This meeting is part of a continuing conversation about creating a sustainable future for our schools and is one among a series of discussions taking place with school boards throughout the Addison Central Supervisory Union aimed at developing a new vision for all ACSU schools.

Selectboard 9/23/14

Town of Middlebury
Selectboard Meeting
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Large Conference Room
Town Offices - 94 Main Street

1. Call to Order
2. *Approval of Minutes of September 9, 2014 Regular Meeting
3. *Approval of Agenda
4. Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues that are not otherwise included on this agenda]
5. *Approve Order on Alteration of a portion of Town Highway #46, also known as Water Street
6. *Appointment to Energy Committee

7. **Martin Hain, P.E., of Knight Consulting Engineers, Report on Stabilization of the Existing Structure at the Historic Powerhouse (David Page Cotton Mill)

8. **Jamie Gaucher, Director of Middlebury Business Development & Innovation, with an update on recent activities

9. **Committee & Project Reports
9.a. Planning Commission Meeting of September 15, 2014, including recommendation on Application for Municipal Planning Grant Funding
9.b. Recycling Committee Meeting of September 22, 2014
9.c. Development Review Board Meeting of September 22, 2014
9.d. Public Works Committee Meeting of September 23, 2014
9.e. Main Street & Merchants Row Railroad Overpass Bridge Replacements

10. *Consideration of Grant Application to the Transportation Alternatives Program for Funding for Pedestrian Safety Improvements, including the Installation of Beacons at Four Pedestrian Crossings and Solar Lighting Near Rear Entrance to MUHS Parking Lot on Charles Avenue

11. ** FY15 Budget Status Report and Review of FY16 Budget Timeline
12. ** Review of & Comment on Vermont League of Cities & Towns Legislative Policy

13. ** Charles Kireker of Middle Road Ventures Regarding Request for Alteration of Middle Road South

14. *Approval of Grant Agreement with State of Vermont for North Pleasant Street Housing Rehabilitation Project
15. **Town of Middlebury Representatives to Regional Planning Commission -- Designation of First & Second Alternate

16. *Approval of Check Warrants
17. *Town Manager's Report
18. Board Member Concerns
19. *Executive Session - If Needed
20. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session

21. *Adjourn

* Decision Item
** Possible Decision

Additional information about most Agenda items is available on the Town's website, www.townofmiddlebury.org on the Selectboard page.

Middlebury House Candidates Forum at THT

Candidates running for the two Addison-I seats, the Vermont House district that represents Middlebury, were invited to take part in a forum on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater. Angelo Lynn, editor of the Addison Independent, moderates.


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