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Welcome to Middlebury Community Television. To find a video, either scroll back in time at the bottom of the page, or enter a search term (like ID#4 or pipeline) or an individual's name in the search box below. (please be advised, our Search function is currently down and we are working to restore it.)

What Keeps You Awake?

Rotary sponsored discussion at CVUUC

MUHS Graduation 2015

Middlebury Five-0: MUHS Raft Race

An epic competition between majestic vessels crewed by seasoned (sort of)
mariners, driven by a thirst for glory and a coveted Raft Race orange
winner's shirt. This event had everything, from stirring comebacks to
cataclysmic collisions - tremendous courage and perseverance to displays of
devious, underhanded tactics. Watch these nautical wizards from the MUHS
senior class propelling their engineering marvels through the sparkling
waters of Lake Dunmore, straining at the oars like veritable Vikings. Come
for the prowess - stay for the splendid catastrophes.

Selectboard 6/9/15


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