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MCTV Annual Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting. We had short presentations of some of our programming, followed by some great questions and discussion.

Legislative Breakfast 4/14/14

Rep Betty Nuovo: Jamie Gaucher


ACRPC 4/9/14

ID4 Annual Meeting 4/9/14

Las Promesas de Dios Ep93

Middlebury Five-0: Sight

A panel of representatives from the vision impaired community talk about
some of the services available to people with impaired sight, and discuss
some of the challenges faced, and the methods that they and others have
used to triumph over them. An inspiring show highlighting the humor and
resiliency of the participants, and offering some practical tips on how the
community can help. For more information, contact the Vermont Association
for the Blind and Visually Impaired: http://www.vabvi.org/

Selectboard 4/8/14

PSB Intervenor Info Mtg 4/7/14


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