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Welcome to Middlebury Community Television. To find a video, either scroll back in time at the bottom of the page, or enter a search term (like ID#4 or pipeline) or an individual's name in the search box below. (please be advised, our Search function is currently down and we are working to restore it.)

Legislative Breakfast 4/13/15

Las Promesas de Dios Ep123

Las Promesas de Dios Ep122

Middlebury Five-0: Alice Eckles

A glimpse into the fascinating life of this local, ecologically focused
author. Alice talks about her simplified lifestyle, living without
electricity or running water in a yurt, and how this choice reflects her
vision of social transformation, following the future demise of our
fossil-fuel dependent economy. She talks about her transition from a visual
artist to a writer, culminating in the recent publication of her novel,
'The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar' - and her deep affection for bees
and all the wondrous ways they enrich her life.

ID#4 Annual Meeting 4/8/15

Front Office Conference Room 201 Mary Hogan Drive
Middlebury, VT 05753
Wednesday, April 8, 2015 6:00 PM

1. Call to Order
2. Approve Agenda
3. Public Comments
4. Recommendation to Approve Minutes
a. ID#4 School Board – Regular Meeting – March 4, 2015 7:00 PM
5. Annual Meeting Final Preparation
6. Items for Future Meetings
7. Next Meeting Date: April 15, 2015 – Middlebury Union High School
8. Adjournment

Selectboard 4/7/15

Town of Middlebury
Selectboard Special Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Large Conference Room
Town Offices - 94 Main Street


1. Call to Order
2. *Approval of Minutes of March 24, 2015 Regular Selectboard Meeting
3. *Approval of Agenda
4. **Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues that are not otherwise included on this agenda]

5. *Remaining 2015 Liquor License Approvals

6. **Report on Discussion with Vermont Aeronautics Administrator Guy Rouelle regarding May 19 Public Information Meeting at Middlebury Airport

7. *Luther Tenny re: Request for Amendment of Junk Ordinance

8. *Nominations for Annual Appointments

9. *Award Contract for Engineering Services for Monroe Street/Charles Avenue/Court Street Intersection

10. **Committee & Project Reports
10.a. Energy Committee Meeting of April 1, 2015
10.b. Policy Review Committee Meeting of April 3, 2015
10.c. Planning Commission Meeting of April 6, 2015, including discussion of Town Planner recruitment
10.d.*Town Offices & Recreation Center Project - Award Contract for Clerk of the Works Services

11. *Letter of Engagement for Audit Services

12. **Follow-up to Selectboard Work Session of April 6, 2015

13. *Approval of Check Warrants
14. **Town Manager's Report
15. Board Member Concerns
16. *Executive Session - If Needed
17. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session

18. *Adjourn

* Decision Item
** Possible Decision

Additional information about most Agenda items is available on the Town's website, www.townofmiddlebury.org on the Selectboard page.


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