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First Wednesday: ” Physicists’ Dream of a Theory of Everything” by Prof. Marcelo Gleiser

Theoretical physicists have long dreamed of a theory of everything that encompasses all particles of matter and their interactions. Dartmouth professor Marcelo Gleiser describes how physics and astronomy obtain knowledge of the natural world and how their limitations preclude us from ever getting to a “final” theory. Presented in honor of Middlebury College Professor of Physics Richard Wolfson. Recorded 12/6/17.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

First Wednesdays: “Building Monticello” by Marlene Heck

Jefferson never knew the Monticello we visit today—in perfect condition, impeccably furnished. He died so deeply in debt that the house and contents were auctioned off. Dartmouth College senior lecturer Marlene Heck explains the lifelong project Jefferson called his “essay in architecture.” Filmed by Chris Kirby for Ilsley Public Library and Middlebury Community Television 3/2/16.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library