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At The Ilsley: Ashley Wolff – “An Artist’s Inheritance: What I’ve learned, so far”

Ashley Wolff, daughter and granddaughter of artists, reflects on what she has inherited, what she has done with it and what she hopes she is passing on. Ashley’s books will be available for sale at the event. Presented by the Middlebury Chapter of the AAUW. Filmed Oct. 16, 2018 at the Ilsley Public Library by Middlebury Community Television.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

At The Ilsley: Northern Forest Canoe Trail

In the spring of 2013, Peter Macfarlane through-paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail from theAdirondacks to northern Maine, a distance of some 750 miles in 28 days in a cedar-strip canoe that he designed and built. His presentation at the Ilsley Library regarding this trip was recorded for MCTV. This spring he ventured out on the Trail for another through-paddle, but this time took on more of a
challenge by paddling from Maine to the Adirondacks. He faced nine major upstream rivers and only four downstream, not to mention prevailing headwinds, which were to be a significant player in this
trek. On the 10th of June he paddled into Old Forge to become the first recorded person to through-paddle the Trail from east to west. In this presentation he takes the audience on a trip through his planning, and then the roller coaster ride of overcoming challenges, joyful paddling, loss, exhaustion, despair, and some sublime moments, all illustrated with photos and snippets of video. Recorded 10/9/18 by MCTV.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

The Year of Living Dangerously: Donald Trump In The White House

Despite fears of his authoritarian tendencies, stoked in part by his own use of social media, Donald Trump has, to date, proved to be a rather weak president – a weakness consistent with that of previous presidents governing under similar circumstances. But history also suggests weak presidents can be the most dangerous. Dickinson will assess President Trump’s record so far, and what we might expect going forward. Sponsored by the Addison County Retired Teachers Association.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library & MCTV

First Wednesday: Presidents Appointing Judges by Professor Lisa Holmes

As UVM professor Lisa Holmes explains, while presidents have long used judicial appointments to tilt the judiciary in one direction or another, less common historically have been presidents gaining great political benefit from appointing judges for ideological reasons. Its impact on the health of the judiciary remains to be seen. Recorded 3/28/18.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library

At the Ilsley: Birds, Bees, and Butterflies in the Land of Milk and Honey

Addison County used to be known as the “Land of Milk and Honey.” Today the honeybee faces many affronts to its immune system in these days of habitat destruction and pesticide overload. The high colony loss challenges facing beekeepers and the declining bird, butterfly and native bee populations makes it all the more imperative that local beekeepers, farmers, gardeners and homeowners learn healthy ways to assist pollinators and improve their chances of survival. Local beekeeper Ross Conrad shares the “how to” of numerous techniques and lays out a map that we can use to reduce stresses on pollinator health. Recorded 03/20/18 by Addison County homeschooled kids.

Producer: Ilsley Public Library