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Middlebury Five-O: Bryan Alexander

An intellectual roller-coaster of a show, sweeping with breathtaking velocity through such divergent topics as the correlation between beards and airport security searches, and the overwhelming significance of the French Revolution. Bryan’s incredible breadth of thought shines through – along with his sparkling wit, and shimmering charm – as he describes his vision of technology and teaching, in this conversation that is by turns powerful, challenging and deeply inspiring. Recorded 3/17/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

Middlebury Five-O: Bruce Lisman

A charming and poignant interview with Gubernatorial hopeful, Bruce Lisman. Bruce talks about his candidacy, inspired by a strong sense that the State has been moving in the wrong direction politically, embracing misguided policies and spending irresponsibly. He discusses his vision for economic development, supporting local businesses with roots in the communities. Bruce stresses his background as a native Vermonter and business owner, and he highlights the values he would bring to the office, all the time conveying his candid warmth and good humor.
Recorded 3/4/16.

Producer: Jennifer Molineaux

MUMS: Big Change Roundup Final Assembly 3/4/16

MUMS students and faculty joined together to celebrate the successful conclusion of the Big Change Roundup, raising over $2200 for the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital. The students vastly exceeded their initial goal, and the assembly features faculty acts performed as rewards for meeting certain fundraising goals. The finale of principals Patrick Reen and Scott Sivo lip synching to Taylor Swift should go down in history. For what, we’re not quite sure, but it’s certainly hysterical, historical, that is. Recorded 3/4/16.

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Producer: MCTV