Sheldon Museum: 3D Wood-Carved Maps: Connecting to Place in a New Way


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Jacob Freedman of Treeline Terrains will discuss the group’s business designing custom 3D landscapes combining the trio’s unique craftsmanship backgrounds. Jacob designs maps using GIS to identify trails, water bodies, and buildings to highlight. His colleague Nathaniel Klein hand-joins layered wood blocks, identifying sustainably sourced hardwoods and finally Alex Gemme brings digital files to the CNC router and implements a computer-aided process to carve custom designs. All recent Middlebury College graduates, the group will discuss their entrepreneurship journey, their collaborations with Vermont organization and nonprofits, and delve into their process to create “topography you can touch.” They will explore how tactile models can further efforts toward “inclusive mapping,” helping everyone connect to the places they love.

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Producer: Henry Sheldon Museum