Middlebury Selectboard 9/28/21

Producer: MCTV

Middlebury Selectboard Meeting. Click here for the agenda. *(Description continues…)


1. **Call to Order
2. *Approval of Agenda
3. *Approval of Consent Agenda
3.a. Approval of Minutes of the September 14, 2021 Regular Selectboard Meeting Minutes
3.b. Acceptance of Selectboard Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
3.c. Consent Agenda Placeholder
3.d. Consent Agenda Placeholder
3.e. Town Manager’s Report
4. *Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues not otherwise included on this agenda]
5. *Agenda Placeholder
6. *Request from East Middlebury Fire District #1 Prudential Committee for an Appointment to the Prudential Committee to fill an unexpired term
7. *Departmental Purchasing Requests
7.a. *Approval of Sole Source Purchase UV Lamps for the Wastewater Treatment Facility
7.b. *Approval of Sole Source Purchase of an Influent Valve for the Wastewater Treatment Facility
8. **Report from the Public Health & Safety Committee meeting of September 20, 2021, including the Committee’s recommendation on Licensing E-scooter rentals
9. *Operating Agreement with Acorn Energy Solar for Bristol Community Solar Project, including a discussion of the timing of payments associated with the agreement, pending successful completion of the 30-day appeal period for the bond vote on October 1, 2021.
10. **Follow-up Discussion of the Ilsley Public Library Trustees’ Request for Re-engagement in Preliminary Planning for the Ilsley Public Library Renovation/Expansion Project
11. **Initial Discussion of Items for Negotiation for the Renewal of the Town’s Lease of Recreation Park form the Addison Central School District
12. **Initial Discussion of Maintenance & Budgeting for Hammond Cemetery (a/k/a Bushey Cemetery) on Washington Street Extension
13. **Follow-up Discussion of September 21, 2021 Retreat, which included discussions of: 1) the Economic Development Initiative (development of the Cross Street Bridge/Bakery Lane Parking Lot adjacent to the River; and 2) the Bourdon Property, which is currently owned by the Vermont Agency of Transportation
14. *Approval of Check Warrants
15. **Board Member Concerns
16. *Executive Session – None Anticipated
17. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session
18. *Adjourn
* Decision Item     ** Possible Decision

Additional information about most Agenda items is available on the Town’s website, www.townofmiddlebury.org on the Selectboard page.