Middlebury Selectboard 6/22/21

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Middlebury Selectboard Meeting. Click here for the agenda. *(Description continues…)


2. *Approval of Agenda
3. *Approval of Consent Agenda
3.a. Approval of Minutes of the June 8, 2021 Regular Selectboard Meeting
3.b. Approval of First and Third Class Liquor Licenses, Outside Consumption Permits & Entertainment Permits (if any)
3.c. Acceptance of Terms of Award of a Vermont Community Foundation Spark Connecting Community Grant for Phase 1 of the Town’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative
3.d. Approval of VTrans Town Highway Class 2 Roadway Program Paving Grant for the paving of Cady Road in 2022
3.e. FY21 Year-to-date Budget Reports and Year-end Budget Projections
3.f. Town Manager’s Report
4. *Citizen Comments [Opportunity to raise or address issues not otherwise included on this agenda]
5. *Approval of Amendment No. 3 to Lamoureux & Dickinson engineering design contract for the Exchange Street Sidewalk project
6. *Dan Werner, Director of Public Works Planning, with updates and recommendations from the June 10, 2021 Infrastructure Committee Meeting
6.a. *Recommendation on Approval of the FY22 Water Budget & Rates
6.b. *Recommendation on Approval of the FY22 Wastewater Budget & Rates
6.c. *Recommendation on Sole Source Procurement of Cellular Endpoints for Water Meters, as budgeted for FY22
6.d. *Recommendation on Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Phasing Study
7. *Approval of Loan Agreement for Court Square and Court Street (Route 7) Waterline Improvements
8. *Set the Municipal Tax Rate and the Downtown Improvement District Tax Rate for FY22
9. *Approve Contract for planning consultant services to assist with drafting zoning bylaw revisions
10. *Correspondence regarding purchase of Leased Land at 2 Forest Lane (if available)
11. *Approval of Check Warrants
12. ** Board Member Concerns
13. *Executive Session – None Anticipated
14. **Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session
15. *Adjourn
* Decision Item     ** Possible Decision
* Decision Item     ** Possible Decision

Additional information about most Agenda items is available on the Town’s website, www.townofmiddlebury.org on the Selectboard page.