ACSD Board Meeting 5/28/19


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AGENDA Addison Central School District ACSD  Board Meeting Tuesday, May 28, 2019  7:30 pm – 9:00 pm 208 Charles Avenue, Middlebury, VT

A. Call to Order Upon Reaching a Quorum 1. Introductions – Board Members, Administrators and Staff 2. Public Comment B. Recommendation to Approve Minutes of May 13, 2019 C. Approve ACSD Bills D. Report of the Superintendent E. Report of the Board 1. Committee Updates 2. Discussion: Facilities Master Plan 3. Discussion: Quarter 3 Financial Summary 4. Discussion: Audit Review 5. Action: Approve FY20 School Meal Prices 6. Action: Approve Food Service Management Company Renewal 7. Discussion: Board Summer Meeting Schedule F. Other G. Executive Session: ACSD Negotiations, V.S.A. Title 1, § 313 (1) (B) H. Adjournment When there are many people who wish to speak, the chair can at their discretion, use a speakers’ list. Members of the public will be given an opportunity to sign the speakers’ list, indicating which agenda item will be addressed. The chair may choose to limit the time for each speaker.